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Top 5 Best Offline Action Games 2022 Android

Hello friends, how are you?..., This time admin will share top 5 offline action games for 2022 android.

For those of you who love action games, you can choose games as well as recommendations for the best offline action game 2022 Android version kakputraCOM

Below is a list of Top 5 Offline Action Games for Android 2022:

1.Spider Hero 2

Spiderman or Spiderman is indeed quite synonymous with combat action elements, including for a game called Spider Hero 2. Like a hero, you are driven to crush the evil that exists in the city.

Therefore, this game will introduce various combat actions against hordes of enemies to powerful bosses that need to be defeated. The battle will be divided into several levels with different maps.

Offline mode

Genre: Action

Size: 162 MB

Download Spider Hero 2

2. Wall of Insanity

Still with premium games, the next action game you can try is Wall of Insanity. This game does not feature close combat action, but focuses on shooting elements.

Not only that, this game also adds story elements, as well as puzzles that need to be solved. Here you will play the role of a policeman. Where you have the task of eradicating a dangerous cult.

Offline mode

Genre: Premium, Action

Size: 463 MB

Download Wall of Insanity

3.Titan Glory

The next action game that can be played offline is Titan Glory. Unlike the previous games, this game features a more futuristic theme, namely the battle between robots.

The battle is quite interesting, as this game has a variety of game modes, robots, weapons, and unique maps for you to choose from. The battle will also be more interesting thanks to the visual support that is quite good for a mobile game class.

Offline mode

Genre: Premium, Action

Size: 2.10 GB

Download Titan Glory

4. Infinite Tanks WW2

Have you ever imagined doing a war action using a Tank? Well, Infinite Tanks WW2 will give you a little idea. Here you will be parachuted into the battlefield of WW2.

Along with playing in campaign mode, this game has other game modes including custom mode. Moreover, this game has a variety of tanks and maps that you can choose to play.

One of the advantages that stands out is that the visual quality can be presented in great detail, thus adding to the excitement during the game.

Offline mode

Genre: Premium, Action

Size: 1.52 GB

Download Infinite Tanks WW2

5. Animus: Revenant

Not much different from the previous game, Animus: Revenant is an action game with added RPG elements. But the difference is that this game comes with a nice 3D graphic theme.

Quite different from action RPG games in general, this game really demands player strategy. Where each fight that is experienced must be done in full calculation.

Offline mode

Genre: Premium, Action

Size: 613 MB

Download Animus: Revenant